Pizzas, burgers, stuffed baguettes and various salads

For one as well as for a group of friends we make pizzas on a tomato and cream base or a burger with a bunch of French fries, all in a gluten-free version. We offer various types of salads for eternal dieters and new athletes, and for those who do not want to wait we also have baguettes.

When one can and the other one cannot…

A few years ago I met a girl like that. She was a splendid girl, really. During our first dinner I found out she was gluten intolerant. Hm, interesting, nice hobby, I thought. Only at home I found out she was not able to eat almost anything! There is gluten in pastries, pizza, cakes, sausages, and sometimes even in ice cream! So the task was clear – to find a restaurants where we can both enjoy meals. And that’s exactly why MaLi Bistro is here. When one can and the other one cannot…

For celiacs we have fresh gluten-free pizza or homemade  buns. Just tell us!

We deliver orders for FREE!

up to 5 km at min. orders 299 CZK
up to 10 km at min. orders 599 CZK